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Kitchen with concrete floors, timber cabinets and black benchtop.
Give your contemporary kitchen an industrial edge, inspired by warehouse spaces and New York lofts. This style of kitchen embraces practical design and a fuss-free, slick monochrome palette.


What is industrial style?

This look is all about stripping back buildings to their bones and celebrating their raw, unfinished beauty. Key features include exposed brick walls, untreated timber, concrete floors and black steel details. The palette tends to be monochromatic, allowing the materials to speak for themselves so their authenticity shines through.

Modern twist on industrial

Industrial style doesn’t need to be totally raw and rustic, and a contemporary kitchen at the more stark, functional end of the spectrum is ideally suited to a no-frills industrial palette. Get the look with plenty of textures: concrete or concrete-look porcelain tiles, grainy timber, plus pops of black to suggest cast iron and steel.

Black tapware and even sinks work well with this style, providing a slick, modern finish – here, a black sink is almost invisible within an inky black composite stone benchtop. Kaboodle black steel-frame wall shelves encapsulate an industrial look and would be an eye-catching feature in any modern kitchen. Illuminate the space with statement lighting – these black tracklights capture industrial functionality within a simple, modern style.

Kitchen with concrete floors, timber cabinets and black benchtop.

More industrial ideas

Modern composite stone benchtops now include concrete-look finishes, which allow you to achieve the look minus the cost or the weight of real concrete. Or you could choose to double-down on raw timber elements with grainy, characterful timber floorboards or a tactile bamboo benchtop. An industrial kitchen can be fairly bright with loads of natural light and white cabinetry, or you can explore the opposite end of the spectrum with black cabinetry (try Kaboodle’s Black Olive), handles and tapware.

Has this New-York loft style captured your heart?

You’ll love our bold industrial bathroom! Follow our guide to achieving a contemporary, warehouse-inspired restroom.


Photo Credit: Alejandro Sosa 3D


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Health & Safety

Asbestos, lead-based paints and copper chromium arsenic (CCA) treated timber are health hazards you need to look out for when renovating older homes. These substances can easily be disturbed when renovating and exposure to them can cause a range of life-threatening diseases and conditions including cancer. For information on the dangers of asbestos, lead-based paint and CCA treated timber and tips for dealing with these materials contact your local council's Environmental Health Officer or visit our Health & Safety page.

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