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Spotless and clean toilet and sink in a modern bathroom.
Wave hello to a new standard in toilet hygiene with the Hygenix sensor cistern.

Hands free

It's probably safe to say that we're all now very aware of the bacteria around us. The bathroom is host to more than its fair share of germs, but the Hygenix sensor cistern helps maintain next level cleanliness where it matters most.

The ability to flush the loo with the wave of a hand means you needn't consider who came before you, or indeed think about the bacteria you might leave behind.

Tech savvy

Toilet tech arguably hasn't changed much since the invention of the dual flush loo, but this new development is well worth the wait. Simply wave over the sensor for a half flush, or hold your hand over it for a full flush. And when gadget-shy guests come calling, they can still operate the flush by pushing the button manually.

Easy upgrade

The best news is that this touchless technology doesn't even require a new toilet. The Hygenix sensor cistern (or cistern with seat and link) can be retrofitted to your existing loo. Once installed – a relatively simple job for a licensed plumber – the cistern is low maintenance, with the sensor flush running on four AA batteries, which will last up to 40,000 cycles. Best of all, there's no mains wiring, and a backup manual flush that doesn't require batteries to operate, so you'll never be caught short. 

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