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Our Price Guarantee

Why choose the original Kärcher window vac?

  • Cordless operation with a 3.7V LI-ION battery
  • Cleaning windows with the Karcher WV is 3x faster than with traditional methods
  • No streaks or drips
  • Quick to empty the dirty water
Using Karcher window vac on windows.

Why choose Kärcher pressure washers?

  • Cleans more in less time - Up to 50% faster
  • Save water up to 80% if compared with a garden hose
  • 35 times more power than a garden hose
  • Superior performance thanks to the water-cooled motor (K4-K7 machines only)
  • Anti-rust pump 100% guarantee
Kärcher pressure washer positioned in front of car

D.I.Y. Advice from Kärcher

Why choose Kärcher SC3 steam cleaner?

  • Continuous refillable tank for non-stop steam
  • Fast 30 second heat up time
  • High pressure steam - 3.5 bar (max) / 1900 watts
  • Deep cleaning without chemicals that kills 99.99% of bacteria
Using Karcher steam cleaner on splashback.

Revolutionary 2-in-1 floor cleaning

Wipe and vac in a single step with the Kärcher FC 4 floor cleaner.

  • Laminate
  • Oiled/waxed parquet
  • PVC
  • Sealed parquet
  • Stone
  • Tiles

Woman enjoying her Karcher FC 5 floor cleaner

Karcher range