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Gerni 3300 pressure washing bike

Green rectangle Gerni logo

For over 50 years, Gerni has been a leading brand in developing high pressure washers for home DIY’ers. At Gerni, we offer the same great quality, with a new look, offering built tough aluminium pumps for durability & long-lasting use.

Choosing the right Gerni for you

Check out the applications guide on the front of the box! Choose your Gerni High Pressure Washer with the recommended applications for each Gerni based on pressure output and included accessories to find a Gerni to suit your life.

Gerni branded box with table of recommended product application sitting in grassed area.

Backed by a quality warranty

To register your Gerni for extended warranty click the link below to visit our website Gerni.com.au
5* year warranty: 2 year standard + 3 year online extension
7* year warranty: 5 year standard + 2 year online extension

Gerni 7300 pressure cleaning pool surface with a patio cleaner

Quick lock accessory fitment

With Gerni’s large range of compatible accessories featuring the quick and easy G-Connect system, you can connect the required accessory with a simple twist or click.
Gerni’s G-Connect accessory system has over 20 available accessories to choose from! We’re here to help you choose the right accessory that will make your D.I.Y task easier and more efficient – leaving you more time for the things that matter.
Gerni accessories and products laid out next to pool

The original high pressure washer