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Range of Bosch tools on a timber bench.

Logo - Bosch

Bosch is one of the world’s leading producers of power tools and accessories. Bosch power tools will cover everything from D.I.Y projects to complex specialist tasks with a wide range of D.I.Y power tools, measuring tools, lawn and garden tools and accessories.


The universal detect features auto-calibration for reliable detection of metal, live wire and studs so that you can nail and drill with confidence. Confidently locate metal, live cables and wall studs in plaster, brick and concrete walls with the universal detect.

Bosch D.I.Y. measuring tools

The Bosch Zamo on table with other Zamo attachments

Bosch Zamo III Laser Measurer

Measuring longer distances is now easier thanks to the Zamo III Laser Measurer.


Measure with confidence around the house for all your projects with Bosch's D.I.Y measuring tool range. Looking for something easy and intuitive to use? Try our Zamo III Laser Measurer. Alternatively, the PLR 40C Distance Measurer can be useful for measurements up to 40m with precise and reliable laser technology. You can also conveniently document your measuring results via Bluetooth and it is easy to use with a touchscreen and a 1.4" colour display.
The Bosch PLR40c on a table with an IPad amongst colour swatches and paperwork.

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Are you looking to align and level objects both horizontally and vertically with precision? Have a look at our Bosch measuring tools levelling range. Products like the Quigo III Cross line laser level, Quigo Plus, Universal Level 360, Universal Level 2 and PLL 1 P Line and Dot Laser are available for all your levelling needs.
A person's hand pressing a button on the Bosch Levelling Quigo.

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