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Ametalin 48mm x 50m QuickTape

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I/N: 0248911

No reviews yet

I/N: 0248911


  • Developed specifically for joining, repairs and sealing overlapped edges of building membranes in demanding applications
  • Quick and easy to use with superior initial tack and holding power
  • Ideal for use with VapourTech® Vapour Permeable wall wraps
  • No release liner for faster fixing
  • Durable for temperatures -30°C to over 80°C
Ametalin QuickTape™ is a reliable, high performance woven polymer fabric tape coated with a cold weather acrylic adhesive, perfectly suited to quickly and easily join, seal and repair overlapped edges and penetrations of our Ametalin Range and in particular, demanding fabrics such as airtight vapour barriers and permeable membranes.
Ametalin QuickTape™ benefits from being release liner free, hand tearable and an aggressive initial tack for easier, faster and less labour intensive fixings so time spent installing membranes can be reduced by as much as a third.
Ametalin QuickTape™ has the thickest premium grade adhesive in our range which provides an excellent initial tack with superior adhesive and cohesive holding power.
Ametalin QuickTape™ shows performance and durability over a range of temperatures and environmental conditions.












Model Name
Ametalin 48mm x 50m QuickTape
Model Number
Woven polymer fabric

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Tape Application
1. Ensure that the surfaces to be adhered are clean, dry and free from dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants.
2. Ensure Ametalin QuickTape™ is centred on the join.
3. Apply tape, ensuring that the maximum surface contact is achieved by allowing the tape to conform to the contours in product. Apply firm pressure with hand but a tape applicator is preferred.
4. Whenever possible, apply the tape to joins that have a firm backing.
5. Taping of joins is a method of sealing joins only, and is not a suitable substitute for mechanical fixing in situations where there may be stress or pressure on the join (e.g. wind loading, etc.). In such cases, a more secure method of securing the join must be considered.

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