Powerful and precise drilling with no dust

Powerful and precise drilling with no dust

Complete your drilling work with the ultimate precision of Kango. These high-quality K4 cut bits are coupled with a universal dust port for fast and effective dust transportation while drilling.


These Kango ZRO dustless drill bits are purpose built for use when installing chemical anchors and helps to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. With PGM certification and an innovative 4-cutter head design, Kango ZRO dustless drill bits provide powerful and precise drilling into reinforced concrete and other masonry materials.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 12x325mm
  • 14x360mm
  • 16x360mm
  • 18x360mm

Suitable for working on concrete, reinforced concrete, natural stone, and solid brick.

Universal dust port compatible with all common vacuum cleaners.

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