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PowerPass Apprentice

Bunnings Trade has launched a new PowerPass program designed specifically for you. It gives apprentices access to all the great benefits of Bunnings Trade PowerPass and more.

  1. ABN free applications for Building trade related apprentices
  2. Access to PowerPass offers on a wide range of Trade products
  3. Invitations to Trade events
  4. Unique apprentice-focused power and hand tool offers
  5. Access to exclusive Bunnings Trade merchandise

Why not jump online and sign up today. It’s a great program that promises to get even better over time. All you need is your apprentice registration number.

Sign up today

The PowerPass Apprentice card can only be used at Bunnings Stores and Trade Centres. It gives you access to a fantastic range of discounts and benefits not normally available until you complete your apprenticeship.

PowerPass Apprentice cards are valid for up to 12 months, so every March you will need to provide evidence you’re still enrolled.

The good news is, we’ve made this process really easy. And once you’ve successfully completed your apprenticeship, you can apply to have your PowerPass Apprentice card upgraded to a full PowerPass.

Why wait when you can start enjoying the benefits of PowerPass today. Ask us in-store today!