Staying healthy during physical distancing

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Physical distancing is challenging for all of us. Current recommendations from multiple Australian health agencies  recommend maintaining mental and physical health during self-isolation by: 

  • Maintaining a sense of purpose

  • Keeping busy with hobbies

  • Engaging in activities that are enjoyable and relaxing

  • Maintaining physical activity


Keeping busy with hobbies

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Keeping busy with projects is one way that many of us at Bunnings can help combat the challenges of physical distancing. 

If you are looking to connect with others or get ideas, you can join - our friendly online community for sharing home improvement, D.I.Y. and gardening questions and inspiration.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a helping hand or accomplished on the tools, Workshop is a great place to learn, share ideas and get inspiration to tackle your home improvement projects.

Getting support

If you’re struggling and need support, please speak to one of the many professional support services that can help:

We support you

Bunnings is donating to Lifeline Australia to help the public better access their services in this time of need.

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