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Ryobi 18V Multi-Purpose Mister And Fogger - Skin Only

2.7 (7)

I/N: 0207505

2.7 (7)

I/N: 0207505

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  • Lightweight and portable for easy movement around the garden, backyard or indoor spaces
  • Fine atomisation of liquids for efficient and effective coverage
  • Cold fogging technology means no gas, heat or mains power required for operation
  • 2L tank suitable for insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, OR general household cleaning products
  • Sprays up to 90m2/min or 1,000m2 on a 2Ah battery
The RYOBI 18V Multi-Purpose Mister/Fogger makes controlling pests mosquitoes, killing weeds and nourishing plants simple and effective. It’s suitable for use with insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. The Mister/Fogger works by atomising liquids into tiny droplets – much smaller than traditional sprayers or aerosols. This enables the unit to project the particles further (up to 4.5m) to reach into difficult spaces. The fine mist also uses less chemicals to achieve great results, compared to conventional sprayers. The Mister/Fogger also can be used for cleaning large indoors spaces, including offices, with general household cleaning agents (ie. detergents, and disinfectants). Just be sure to always follow any cleaning products manufacturer’s instructions and wear appropriate personal protective gear. However, for your safety, it’s important that no cross-contamination of indoor and outdoor chemical solutions occur. So, having separate units for your garden tasks and indoor cleaning applications is best. Portable and lightweight, this 2L Mister/Fogger makes it easy to protect your backyard, garden or clean your indoor spaces. Spraying up to 90m2 per minute, it’s capable of covering 1,000m2 on a fully-charged 18V ONE+ 2.0Ah battery. For a fast and simple solution to caring for your garden or for use indoors, you can't go past the RYOBI 18V ONE+ Multi-Purpose Mister/Fogger. It’s available only at Bunnings.

Warning: Do not use this Mister and Fogger with any flammable chemicals or any chemical containing alcohol, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide. This Mister and Fogger is not suitable for use with such chemicals. Some of these products are highly irritating to the skin and eyes and some of these products are highly flammable, which may lead to fire or explosion if an ignition source is present. In addition, any use of the above chemicals in the Mister and Fogger will void the product warranty. Personal Protective Equipment must be worn at all times when using this Mister and Fogger. For safety purposes please use the Mister and Fogger correctly and in accordance with the user manual and relevant chemical safety data sheet SDSsheet to avoid exposure to hazardous chemicals. Always empty and rinse the Mister and Fogger tank between uses, and do not store chemicals in the tank, please read and check the user manual for further information. If this Mister and Fogger is used for herbicide/insecticide applications do not re-purpose it for use with cleaning agents or disinfectants. A Mister and Fogger used for herbicide/insecticide applications is considered contaminated and should not be used for cleaning or with any cleaning products. Obtain a second nozzle set and a second Ryobi Mister and Fogger for dedicated for cleaning and for use with cleaning products and disinfectants only.












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 2.8kg


Model Name
Ryobi 18V Multi-Purpose Mister & Fogger Skin
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