At Waxworks we believe that insect control should not detract from a great evening outdoors. In fact, if you’re going to control mosquitoes, why not do it with style! Our range of repellents feature citronella, a naturally occurring essential oil that has a pleasant citrus-like aroma. And rather than being applied to the skin, Waxworks citronella is used to protect your entire outdoor entertaining area from mozzies.

For over a decade we have been Australia’s largest provider of effective, safe, citronella-based, outdoor repellents. Available in an assortment of candles, sticks, coils and oils plus garden torches and accessories, Waxworks products are made from quality materials including virgin paraffin waxes and cotton wicks - ensuring long burn times, easy lighting and minimal smoking.

In addition to being effective repellents, the contemporary design and vibrant colours of the range provide an easy way to transform your outdoor space. We suggest using ambient candle light to add atmosphere to casual backyard gatherin

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