Fire stirs our most primal instincts, brings everyone together and can

mesmerise us for hours. Fire is nature’s original heat source and the world’s first oven. Nothing beats it.

At Scandia, we know how to tame fire and are experts in designing wood fires and stoves specifically for Australian conditions.

We are inspired by Scandinavian design, their quality of life and their strong ideas around democracy. It’s this egalitarian nature which drives Scandia’s passion for designing great quality products at a price more Australians can afford.

But unlike the harsh Nordic climates, fire isn’t a necessity for survival. For the temperate Australian climate, fire is more social. Fire in Australia brings the outdoors in and allows us to get back to nature. Fire in Australia is about keeping the gathering going outside as night falls, and the chill in the air would otherwise beckon us inside.

At Scandia, we believe in the power of fire to bring people together. We believe in the power of Scandia to bring quality design and Australians together.

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