Carter Holt Harvey SHADOWclad

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Carter Holt Harvey claddings are full exterior structural plywood sheets, which can be used for both decorative and bracing purposes. Produced from Pinus radiata veneers and bonded with phenol formaldehyde resin adhesive (WBP marine bond, type A exterior), the finished sheets are H3 LOSP preservative treated to provide long-term protection from decay.

SHADOWclad groove, SHADOWclad texture are decorative sheets with a band-sawn surface (with a groove profile option) for use on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

SHADOWclad Groove and SHADOWclad Texture are also available already primed with a special powder coating. This is an advanced powder coating process that's been specially developed for substrates prior to top coating. With a noticeably smoother surface, Primed claddings allow for easier top coat application and give you more square-metre coverage per litre of paint. And because the powder priming process significantly reduces the amount of water absorption, you get a drier surface for top coating.

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