Paradisia Nurseries was started in 1980. Two brothers, Jeno and Attila Kapitany turned their rapidly growing hobby into a backyard business, Paradisia was born. In 1983, our youngest brother, Tom, become involved and the seed for Collectors Corner and the wholesale nursery's was sown.

As a result of our rapid growth in the 1980's it was decided in 1988 to incorporate and Paradisia Pty Ltd was born.

Since inception, the company has grown from a small backyard operation into three large nurseries with a total growing area of over 40,000 sq meters producing over 1,000,000 plants per year. The company employs about 85 full-time staff which are employed in 10 separate sections each of which is covered in parts of these pages. The growth of our company has been due to large market demand created as we release new product groups and explore new area of marketing our specialties.

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