We at Kaboodle had a great idea – and that was to make sure that every Australian household could design and install their own kitchen. So to do this, we set out on a mission to make the whole DIY process as easy as possible – from the planning and design stages, all the way through to final assembly and installation.

We have one of the biggest ranges of cabinets, colours and all of the bits and pieces needed to make your kitchen perfect. So if we could give you the whole kit and Kaboodle – then that was the perfect name!

Our Kaboodle kitchen range uses the Flatpax System of assembly so you can mix and match cabinets and colours any way you like. The Flatpax System changed the way people renovated their homes by offering an easy to put together system of mixing and matching cabinets, doors and bench tops. It also saved everyday Aussies thousands in the process too. That's why Kaboodle has continued to use the Flatpax System…so everything can be interchanged.

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