Wholesale Ornamental Nurserymen Pty. Ltd. (WON) was registered in 1972 by a group of progressive nurserymen. However, this innovative group started working together in 1958 with the common philosophy of sharing plant knowledge and marketing expertise to produce, promote and market quality ornamental plants for the Australian market.

Many exciting new plants have been introduced and marketed under the WON label and are well established as garden favourites. These plants include excellent Australian native plants and exotic plants from overseas. Apart from the new introductions, many of the ‘old favourites’ continue to be popular.

In 1996, WON established the ‘Gardeners Best®’ brand name. ‘Gardeners Best®’ incorporates the WON philosophy of developing and releasing superior plants, promoting them through the ongoing improvement of display material, labels and product information.

Plants released by WON set new standards for the Nursery Industry in Australia with extensive research and development being undertaken prior to introduction to the market.

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