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Holman 7m Misting System Kit

2.6 (28)

I/N: 3120717

Holman 7m Misting System Kit
2.6 (28)

I/N: 3120717


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  • Fully expandable system
  • 2 x kits available to start your system or expand it
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Prefect for cooling down patios, recreation or pet ares
  • Quick and easy installation
The Holman Misting System uses the same principle as an evaporative air conditioner but a far lower cost both when setting up and running. A super-fine mist is emitted under pressure from nozzles and as this evaporates it cools the air, it's as simple as that. By setting the supply lines so that the mist creates a curtain of cool air around the edge of your entertaining area you can achieve effective outdoor air conditioning. This works just as well in Perth during a dry hot Summer day as in Darwin where humidity is a real killer in the wet season.

The amount of water used is minuscule but the effect is amazing. You can further reduce the water use age by connecting a Holman automatic mist controller which allows the system to come on for just seconds and you can also set the interval, to create intermittent, controlled bursts of mist.

The kit is simple to set up and it can be easily added to as required with an extension kit. Each kit comes with nail clamps to attach the fine supply pipe to wood, plaster or brick.

The system attaches to a tap using a standard click-on fitting. Work out the lengths of supply pipe needed and make clean square cuts which are clean of burrs. You can get a special HOLMAN Misting tube cutter and this is a good investment. The fittings are pressure constrictors which sounds complicated but is so easy - all you have to do is push the pipe in as far as it will go. When the water pressure is applied by turning on the tap the seal becomes almost unbreakable. It's brilliant. Set up so that nozzles are positioned 60 cm to a metre apart.

Use tees to split the line and an elbow to end the run. Place the supporting clips either side of the nozzles for proper support and flush the line for 4 to 5 minutes before screwing in the brass spray nozzles. As a basic principle avoid placing nozzles directly over tables and seats as you can get occasional drips which can be annoying. Instead, create that curtain of cool air just around the outside of the entertaining area.

Two critical components are the auto draining valve which takes the pressure out of the system between operations. This significantly extends the life of the unit. Then there is a misting filter which takes out fine particles which would otherwise lead to nozzle blocking. Both of these need to be down near the tap.












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 0.545kg


Beige / Brass / White
Model Name
Misting Kit
Model Number
High Pressure Tubing / Brass Nozzles / Plastic Hose Clamps
Maximum Pressure (kPa)
Coverage Area (mtr)
Flow Rate (Lt ph)
Above Ground (Yes/No)
Minimum Pressure (kpa)
Maximum Spray Distance (Mtr)
Below Ground (Yes/No)
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