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We've made some changes to Bunnings Wish Lists, including changing the name to Project Lists. A Project List allows you to curate the products that you need to complete a project. Don't worry, your old Wish Lists aren't lost, we can show you how to transfer your Wish Lists and turn them into easy-to-follow Project Lists.


1. Switch to the old Bunnings website

First, open the old Bunnings website in a new tab.

2. Locate your Wish List

Sign-in to your account, then go to Wish Lists and select the Wish List that you wish to turn into a Project List.

If you don't have an account, you can create an account now.


3. Email your Wish List to yourself

Select "Share" and email your Wish List to yourself. Repeat this process for any other Wish Lists that you wish to keep.

4. Go to the new website

Please note:
Do not click email product links until you have changed back to new website: https://www.bunnings.com.au/?platform=v2


5. Open your email

Open your first emailed Wish List and select the first product on the list.

6. Add your products to a Project List

Select the "Add to Project List" icon for your first product. Do this again for each item that appears in your email.
You've now added your products to a new Project List. Well done!

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our website upgrade project, we have made some improvements to the Wish List feature and given them a new name - Project Lists!
We changed the name because our new Project Lists include new and improved features.