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Feast Watson

Feast Watson 1L Tung Oil

3.3 (4)

I/N: 1571723

3.3 (4)

I/N: 1571723

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  • Natural clear
  • Soft wearing finish
  • Deep penetrating oil
Feast Watson Tung Oil is a traditional timber oil extracted from the nut from the tung tree.

Tung Oil penetrates deeply in timber and dries to a matt finish which is resistant to water and spills. The finish can be buffed or waxed to achieve a higher sheen.

Tung Oil is quick and easy to apply and can be easily maintained or repaired without having to sand the surface. It is suitable for all interior timbers including floors, furniture, cathedral ceilings and panelling.

How to prepare Feast Watson Tung Oil:

Let's get that matt look…
Note: If you wanted to stain your timber, it is recommended to seal the soft porous timber with one coat of Tung Oil prior to staining. To stain the timber, use a blend of Tung Oil and Prooftint (up to 10%).

New Timber
How to prepare new or bare timber/cork:

Punch exposed nails below the surface. If you have any holes and imperfections, they should be filled with timber putty after the first coat of Tung Oil. This ensures to match the putty colour with the coated timber colour.
Sand timber to an even, smooth surface. Remember to vacuum and wipe to remove dust.
Previously Coated Timber
How to prepare previously coated surfaces:

Clean surface with Feast Watson Floorclean and allow to dry.
If you have previous polyurethane coatings or varnishes, this needs to be removed by sanding the surface back to bare timber.
If you have previous coatings of Tung Oil, this can be recoated without resanding.

How to apply Feast Watson Tung Oil:

Let's start applying...

Ensure your surface is dry and free from all dirt, dust, grease, wax, polish and oil.
Begin by stirring Tung Oil well before and during application with a flat blade stirrer. Be careful to introduce any bubbles.
Apply a generous coat of Tung Oil to the timber with a brush, roller, cloth or Feast Watson Floor Finish Applicator. Make sure your surface is completely covered - don't want to miss a spot!
Go read a book and leave the Tung Oil to soak into timber for approximately 60 minutes.
Wipe off any excess product with a clean cloth.
First coat is dry? Great - move on to applying a second coat. You only need two coats of tung oil.
Allow 24 hours before buffing.
Note: When applying Tung Oil to floors, buff the floor after the final coat using a buffing machine (300 revs/minute).
You're done! Good job.

Do you need to stain your timber? Great - read this before applying Tung Oil:

Stain bare timber after sanding using Feast Watson Prooftint as per the application instructions.
Apply one coat of Tung Oil to seal soft porous timbers such as pine. This ensures your timber will absorb the stain and ensure maximum results!
Ready to stain? Mix Prooftint with Feast Watson Prooftint Colour Reducer to allow time to evenly work the stain across the floor.
Make sure you love your colour! Test the colour mix on off-cuts of flooring to ensure you have the right colour.
Apply stain to the floor with a Floor Finish Applicator as per Prooftint instructions. Make sure you allow 12 hours to dry before applying Tung Oil.
To tint Tung Oil, add up to 10% Prooftint and apply as per the application directions outlined above.

How to maintain my floor with Feast Watson Tung Oil:

Let's keep your floor looking its best...

Make sure you allow Tung Oil to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks before polishing.
Regularly clean using Floorclean.
When floor requires an additional coat, clean with Floorclean and apply one additional coat of Tung Oil as per instructions.












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 1kg


Model Name
F/Watson Tung Oil 1L
Model Number
Oil based
Application Method
Brush, Roller, Cloth or Feast Watson Floor Finish Applicator
Outdoor (Yes/No)
Splatter Resistant (Yes/No)
Indoor (Yes/No)
Low Temperature (Yes/No)
Time Before Recoating (mins)
Minimum Temperature for Use
Primer Required (Yes/No)
Recommended Surfaces
Interior timber
UV Resistant (Yes/No)
Mineral Turpentine
Waterproof (Yes/No)
Coverage Area (m2)/L
Container Size (L)
Tintable (Yes/No)


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