Create a peachy space with pink paint

Sweet and nostalgic, yet with a sophisticated edge, pink paint is all grown up and delivering the perfect pick-me-up to interiors.

Bunnings magazine, September 2019

Tickled pink

Some say pink’s recent surge in popularity started in 2014, with the avalanche of birthday-cake pink in every second scene of the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Others credit the 2015 release of the rose gold iPhone. In 2016, colour forecasters Pantone named the peachy pastel Rose Quartz as its joint colour of the year and ‘millennial pink’ became a commonly used term. “This smoky, faded tone – a huge departure from the bubblegum pink of the 90s was heartily embraced by gen Y tastemakers, says Rachel Rimmer of colour consultancy Hello Colour. “It sparked memories of childhood, but without any of the girly-girl connotations.”

Why we love pink paint

The latest incarnation has diversified into a broad palette of barely pink tones, all with an earthy softness – dusty rose, faded peach, muted apricot and cherry blossom. Unlike the bolder pinks that were popular in recent decades, the new pinks on the block are simple and subtle, says Rachel. These delicate hues have a wide appeal and slide effortlessly into most interiors.”

The best thing about the millennial pink craze is that it has helped to universalise the hue. People are starting to use pink beyond childrens play spaces and bedrooms, explains Rachel. Its incredibly versatile a soft pink adds a flush of warmth and serenity, while more daring pinks, like magenta and fuchsia, add vibrance and a dash of drama, making it the perfect pick-me-up.

pink pegboard with pink art, accesories and gold lamp

For a retro feel, try a pairing like Taubmans Berry Beige with a vintage hallway table.

How to pick the perfect shade of pink

When picking the perfect hue, think sophisticated and serene, not saccharine. “Go for shades that are slightly ‘dirtier’ with hints of grey and lilac,” advises Andrea Lucena-Orr, colour expert for Dulux. “This subtle smokiness creates a refined look and ensures the pink doesn’t look too sugary.”

The colours you use with it will also make a huge impact. “Keep pink in grown-up territory by creating contrast with a dark, dramatic colour, like inky blue or charcoal,” says Rachel. “The strength of this darker tone will help the pink feel polished.”

Which room to paint?

A good place to start is with soft, subtle pinks in the living room or bedroom. “Pale umber-hued pinks remain warm under any lighting conditions,” says  Rachel Lacy, colour category manager for Taubmans. “A dusty pink like Taubmans Raffia Cream is wonderful when paired with a cool grey like Taubmans Nelson. A grey or cooler white gives pinks some weight, making them appear more solid in space.”

For a modern feel, opt for a salmon-toned hue, such as Taubmans Pink Beige. For a softer look, try a shade with a hint of lilac, such as Taubmans Pink Brolga, then add layers of bright white and tobacco bed linen to complete the look.

pink panelled wall in bedroom

Make a feature of wall panelling with a strong shade. Wall in British Paints Paparazzi Pink.

What to pair pink with

Pink can be used to create a modern look or a retro vibe, depending on what you pair it with. “For a 70s feel, mix soft blush pink with terracotta, earthy brown and plenty of texture,” says Rachel Rimmer. “Or to create a playful Palm Springs vibe, look no further than a zesty orange, magenta pink and crisp white colour scheme,” she adds.

Mixing pink with green is also a match made in heaven – but the secret to getting this combination right is opting for muted greens, like olive or khaki. You can also create the look by setting dark-foliaged plants next to blush-coloured furniture or accessories.

pink couch with green wall and green accesories

Up the glamour with dusty pink velvet against an intense backdrop.

Don’t want to paint it all? Just add a splash

You don’t need to think big with pink to make an impact – just a dollop can be enough to change a room’s entire dynamic. Focus on creating an element of surprise, like adding a pastel pink fridge to a classic white kitchen, a deep blush sofa to a neutral living room or a pink rug in the bedroom. Incorporating pink into a small space, such as a powder room or hallway, is an easy way to make a statement.

neutral lounge room with splashes of pink

How to pair it with white paint

When teaming with white, Rachel Lacy recommends a cool tone. “Pinks, from orange hues to redder tones, are at their best with cooler grey-hued whites. Yellow-based whites can be cloying when paired with pinks. Try Taubmans Miss Universe, Ornamental Pearl or Brilliant White.”

British Paints expert Kelly Magee agrees: “Crisp, cool whites, like British Paints Infinity White, enhance the pale, dusty pinks that are so popular right now.”

pink and white bathroom with black tapware

Your colour palette

1 Taubmans Pink Beige

2 Taubmans Pink Brolga

3 British Paints Velvet Slipper

4 British Paints Pink Groove

5 Dulux Poised Peach

6 Dulux Magenta Limit

6 shades of pink

Is your place in need of some pink?

If you’re feeling that this colour is the one for you and your home, head into your local Bunnings to pick out your perfect shade.


Photo credit: iStock, Taubmans, Getty Images, Dulux/Lisa Cohen, British Paints and Three Birds Renovations.

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