Top tips for a shed storage makeover

Turn a cluttered garden shed into a streamlined storage space, with these inspiring ideas from Belle of Belle Abode.

How to declutter the shed

Custom built and painted to match their daughters’ cubby house, the shed in Belle’s backyard was pretty as a picture but needed a lot of love to make it functional.

An interiors and organisation expert, Belle set herself the storage challenge and now, anyone can walk in and immediately find whatever they were searching for.

“It’s the best thing in our backyard because it’s made life so much easier,” says Belle. Feeling inspired? Here are Belle’s top tips for turning your garden shed into an organisational masterpiece.

Shed storage makeover

Group objects by category

Step one for an organised space is to group like with like. Belle explains, “The workbench is the main area, where all the tools are, and then we’ve got the garden area with garden tools, fertilisers and everything we need for the garden, and a section for painting and crafts, with everything from paints to small overalls for the girls.”

Both lidded containers and open tubs were used to corral items, keeping the space looking calm and neat. They also serve a practical purpose in grouping like items, so they’re easier to find, and containing any mess: “If soil, for example, falls out the packet, it goes straight into the container and it’s easy to wash,” says Belle.

Shed storage makeover

Maximise vertical space

Even the walls work hard in this storage space, with Pinnacle pegboards to hold regularly used small tools, wire baskets for loose bits, and Pinnacle hooks for larger tools.

“The hooks are honestly so good. They’re really deep, so you can pack in tools one after the other and it’s so easy to remove them,” says Belle.

She also decided to leave the walls unlined, so the wall framing can serve as extra shelves if more storage is needed down the track.

Shed storage makeover

Label, label, label

For a shed that anyone can navigate and find what they need, labels are essential. Tactix heavy-duty storage boxes were used to contain loose equipment.

The boxes are filed neatly on a Pinnacle shelving unit, with simple handmade labels clearly announcing the contents so there will never be a frantic, last-minute search for stuff!

Shed storage makeover

Make a workspace

Two separate workspaces provide ample space for D.I.Y. projects. The Pinnacle timber top workbench has become the logical HQ for Belle’s husband’s home D.I.Y. projects. There’s plenty of room to measure, cut and tinker, and everything he needs is easily to hand, with small tools on the pegboard and larger items stored in cabinets and drawers underneath.

On the other side of the shed, Pinnacle four tier shelving units fit neatly under the window and create another bench space for gardening or painting projects.

Shed storage makeover

Want Belle’s pegboard?

Check out our easy step-by-step guide on how to build your own.

Photo credit: Belle Abode

Health & Safety

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