How to fix a brown pool after a dust storm

Has your pool turned brown after a dust storm? Fear not, follow these steps to turn your pool water from brown to crystal clear.

What is a brown pool?

A brown pool occurs when the water in your pool turns a murky brown following a dust storm. Unfortunately, a brown pool is unable to be fixed via traditional methods such as chlorine, algaecides and filtration.

Even after the majority of the dust has been removed, the airborne particulate matter will still be causing problems for pool owners and additional clarifiers will be needed to further assist filtration systems.

To get your pool back to its normal sparkling self, follow these steps.

1. Remove debris

Remove as much of the debris from the pool as possible. And don’t forget to check the skimmer basket and remove any debris that may be hiding in there.

2. Check your equipment

Check all of your equipment. Power outages can cause chlorinators and timers to reset; while lightning can damage pumps and chlorinators.

3. Backwash, rinse and clean

Backwash and rinse the filter, then clean the cartridge thoroughly.

4. Shock and filter

Shock the pool with Super Shock and then run the filtration system.

5. Test the water

Test the pool water by using the HY-CLOR mobile App or at your local Bunnings store and add balancing chemicals as required.

Try these products to clean your pool after a storm

Hy-Clor Flocculent

High potency granular flocculent for muddy, algae infested or severely cloudy pools. Use Hy-Clor Flocculent in pools where the floor of the pool can no longer be seen due to suspended particles or algae in the water.

This flocculent should be used in combination with Super Shock to quickly fix very green or very muddy pools.

Hy-Clor Super-Floc

Hy-Clor Super-Floc is a high-strength and fast-acting liquid flocculent. It will help you achieve sparkling clear water and boost filter performance.

This potent liquid flocculent is perfect for quickly removing suspended particles from algae infested or very cloudy pool water. Use it in extremely dirty, sandy, hazy or cloudy pools where you can still see the bottom.

Now, keep your water looking its sparkling best

Hy-Clor Long-lasting cubes

A convenient long-life water clarifier which is placed directly into the skimmer box and keeps your pool water looking crystal clear. Hy-Clor Long-lasting Cubes can be used with automatic pool cleaners and are ideal for both chlorine and salt water pools, though are not suitable for cartridge filters.

Hy-Clor Multi-Cubes

Hy-Clor Multi-Cubes should be used if your pool has had a lot of organic matter in it, including leaves, twigs and branches. It will add sparkle and shine to pool water while helping starve algae of the food it needs to survive in your pool. This product helps remove unwanted algae, prevent re-growth and reduces chlorine consumption.

Hy-Clor Green Blaster

Hy-Clor Green Blaster is a high-strength algaecide that helps prevent algae growth and provide long lasting residual protection.

Hy-Clor Cloud Out Pool Clear Tablets

Hy-Clor Cloud Out Pool Clear Tablets provide an extra layer of pool water filtration by capturing very fine particles. Ideal for use in sand filters to quickly clear pool water and enhance overall sand filter performance.

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