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Keep the bugs at bay

When entertaining family and friends outdoors, you don’t want bugs and insects gatecrashing your BBQ or party. From scented candles and natural choices to electrical bug zappers, there are many ways to keep these unwanted guests at bay. 

Citronella Candles

Citronella is a highly effective natural mosquito repellent. Available in a variety of colours and designs, there’s the perfect candle to suit every outdoor décor. Citronella candles also add an attractive mood lighting to your outdoor entertaining area, so try experimenting where you put them for a great effect.

Tealight Candles

Decorative scented tealights also keep bugs away while adding light and warmth to your garden. They’re available in a range of essential oils including Lemongrass and Sage, Green Apple, and Pomegranate and Chai, which are blended with citronella oil, a natural mosquito repellent.

Electric Bug Zappers and Lamps

Electric bug zappers and lamps help keep your outdoor entertaining area pest-free. Using UV light to lure and zap flying insects, they come in a range of sizes, styles and shapes, including lamps.

Mosquito Coils

Mosquito coils contain nature’s own mozzie repellent, citronella oil. They burn for several hours, giving off a lovely aroma that keeps your outdoor area mozzie free. Simple to use, coils can also be easily moved so they are ideal for camping and holidays as well as your backyard.

Mosquito Sticks

Similar to mosquito coils, mozzie sticks contain citronella and sandalwood incense and protect your entertaining area from mosquitoes. They’re easy to plant in your garden and come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. 

Citronella Flares

Give your backyard a tropical resort feeling while also keeping away flying insects with citronella flares and torches. They come in a range of styles and materials including bamboo, metal and steel. They are good at keeping mozzies away and are easy to refill with lamp and torch oil.

Oil Burners

Stylish table-top oil burners are a decorative feature that keep the mozzies away when you’re enjoying life outdoors. They’re portable and can be easily refilled with lamp and torch oil.
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