How to banish flies from your outdoor zones

As much as we love summer, it is also the season of flies. Rid your home of six-legged fiends with Australian-made EnviroSafe fly traps.

Bunnings magazine, January 2021

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You’ve got a summer of barbecues planned, so you need a fly trap that means business. EnviroSafe traps are filled with a unique Eco-Bait, which flies find irresistible. They enter the trap and cannot escape – job done! If you have a larger backyard or a farm, choose a jumbo fly trap, or even two. 

outdoor zones pet area
Hang an EnviroSafe trap wherever flies cluster and keep your outdoor areas fly free.

Master the trap

Simply add a sachet of bait to the trap and mix with warm water. Hang the trap 1.5-2m above ground, well out of reach of pets. Although the Eco-Bait is non-toxic and safe for pets, you don’t want Fido munching on dirty flies.

Choose a sunny, sheltered spot where flies love to swarm – such as near the compost heap or bins – but away from the house, barbecue or entertaining areas. Dispose of the contents and replace with fresh Eco-Bait when the trap is full of flies or getting whiffy.

Sustainable choice

If you’re looking for an eco alternative, Eco-Bait is formulated with non-toxic, food-grade ingredients and no chemical insecticides. The trap itself is reusable and recyclable. As for the flies, they can be disposed of in the bin or even in the garden. Dig a spade-deep hole in a garden bed or compost heap – the Eco-Bait won’t harm your vegies and the flies will break down in the soil, completing the circle of life!

If flies aren’t your only pest problem …

Check out Envirosafe’s full range of pest control products. 

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