Bring the magic of Morocco to your backyard

Let the colour, texture and style of Morocco inspire you to create a garden oasis that is full of lush and luxurious treasures.

Rock the Kasbah

So evocative you can almost smell the spices and hear the distant sounds of the souk, modern Moroccan style blends the exotic with the bold to fashion a distinctive and characterful look. This much-loved trend is born of a mishmash of influences from all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which results in a vibe that is both multi-layered and unique. 

Vibrant pattern and a saturated colour palette of rich terracotta, gold and burnished brass, punctuated by flashes of teal, evoke desert and sea, while layers of textiles create a sense of laidback luxury. 

Moroccan inspired outdoor table

Set the table and the scene

Start with a rug to place under your table to anchor the Moroccan theme. Make sure you have a space that is undercover or remember to pack it away after use if not. Next think about your dining chairs, it’s amazing how outdoor cushions can take your chairs to a whole other level. 

Moving on up to the outdoor dining table. The timber look will bring a simple and earthy tone to your area and goes with just about anything. 

Moroccan inspired outdoor setting

More is more when it comes to layering textiles

Layering textiles in the backyard will help ensure you bring the Moroccan feel into your space. Acapulco chairs are an affordable addition to make your backyard feel like an oasis, they come in a range of different colours and pair perfectly with outdoor cushions for added style and comfort. If you have somewhere to hang a hammock, these are not only great to add a tropical feel and another layer into your space, they are also super comfortable, perfect for relaxing in. 

Adding a bird bath or large plant pot to your backyard also helps with bringing a Middle-Eastern look and will add another layer of texture to your space. If you are adding a bird bath or large plant pot, look for terracotta or products with a rustic finish.

Moroccan inspired outdoor seating

Mix and match colour and patterns

Pinks paired with blues and greens, are great colours to think about when styling your backyard. Also look for a rich blend of geometric designs to round out an authentic look. 

If you have space for an outdoor lounge, think about your pillows or lounge cushions. Using different patterns when choosing your cushion, is a really easy way to give your outdoor furniture new life. Tie the colours of these into the rest of your garden and you’ve got yourself your very own Moroccan-inspired garden.

Moroccan inspired pool lounge

Create your Moroccan oasis

Your local Bunnings has a great range of products to bring the magic of Morocco to your home. 

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Moroccan inspired outdoor setting

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