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How to Make Underbench Storage

If you need to find extra storage for your tools, under your workbench is the perfect place. This D.I.Y. underbench storage project is a simple way to keep everything in easy reach and store it neatly away.

What You’ll Need:


  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Measuring Tape
  • Jigsaw


  • Screws
  • Pack of Assorted Hooks
  • Masonite pegboard 4.8mm thick
  • Pine blocks 100 x 42 x 19mm
diy-underbench-storage_296x296 diy-underbench-storage_296x296

Step 1: Measure Up

Start by measuring the height and width underneath your workbench top. In our example the boards are 625mm x 540mm. Then draw these dimensions onto your pegboard.

how-to-build-garage-bench-storage_296x296 how-to-build-garage-bench-storage_296x296

Step 2: Pegboard Handles

When you have marked up the height and width onto your pegboard, draw the handle shape into one corner as shown.

garage-bench-storage_296x296 garage-bench-storage_296x296

Step 3: Jigsaw

Now use your jigsaw to cut the shape out of your pegboard, following the guidelines.

Handy Hint: Make sure you cut your board on a trestle and clamp it down securely in place.

garage-tools-storage-ideas_296x296 garage-tools-storage-ideas_296x296

Step 4: Supports

Screw in the 100mm blocks at the base of your workbench. Space them apart enough so that they can hold your pegboard in place and allow you to pull them out easily.

underbench-pegboard-storage_296x296 underbench-pegboard-storage_296x296

Step 5: Hooks

Now you can hang your hooks in place. These come in packs of assorted shapes and sizes so you can hang different types of tools.

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