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How to make a garden shed tool box

You can sort out the clutter with this handy garden shed toolbox. Easy to build, this box is the perfect for large garden tools, scrap timber or any other large items you wish to store.

What You’ll Need:


  • Tape measure
  • Hand saw
  • Power drill
  • Saw bench


  • 30mm screws
  • 90mm PVC pipe (cut lengths to suit)
  • 20 x pine timber slats - 89 x 500 x 19mm
  • 4 x pine timber uprights - 645 x 42 x 19mm
  • Pine timber brace - 540 x 42 x 19mm
garden-tool-storage_296x296 garden-tool-storage_296x296

Step 1: Uprights and Brace

Use your handsaw to cut the 4 uprights to size (645 x 42 x 19mm). You will need an upright for each inside corner of your box. Then cut a single piece of pine (540 x 42 x 19mm) for your brace.

diy-garden-shed-toolbox_296x296 diy-garden-shed-toolbox_296x296

Step 2: Side Panels

Position 5 slats onto two uprights. Place one at the top and space the other four 5cm apart. Then pre-drill and screw the slats in place.

garage-storage-for-garden-tools_296x296 garage-storage-for-garden-tools_296x296

Step 3: Make Your Box

Once you have made two of the side panels, join them together at the base to start your box. Take your two larger base slats and screw them to the sides as shown. Then screw in the remaining slats.

how-to-build-shed-storage_296x296 how-to-build-shed-storage_296x296

Step 4: Cut PVC Pipe

Now cut your PVC pipe to length with the handsaw. Make sure the lengths sit above the top of your box, so they can hold your long handled garden tools like rakes and shovels.

garden-tool-organisation_296x296 garden-tool-organisation_296x296

Step 5: Attach the Brace

Line up your pipe holders along one side of the box. Then take your brace piece and screw it in to the slats to hold the pipes securely in place.

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