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How To Make a Bike Rack

Bikes can take up a lot of floor space in your garage, so here’s an easy D.I.Y. project to make a bike rack for your wall.

What You’ll Need:


  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Clamp
  • Power drill
  • Hole cutter bit (51mm)
  • Jigsaw


  • (Sides) 2 x laminated pine - 450mm x 200mm x 18mm
  • (Top & Bottom) 2 x laminated pine - 450mm x 300mm x 18mm
  • (Back) Laminated pine - 264mm x 164mm x 18mm
diy-bike-rack_296x296 diy-bike-rack_296x296

Step 1: Measure and Mark

Measure and mark both of the side panels as shown. Make sure your hanger allows for a gap between the wall and your handlebars.

Start by drawing a line across each panel, roughly 150mm from the top (this distance will depend on the width of your handlebars). Then mark a circle at the centre in each panel.

how-to-build-bike-rack_296x296 how-to-build-bike-rack_296x296

Step 2: Cut Holes

Clamp down your timber and cut out both holes with your power drill and the 51mm hole cutter bit.

diy-timber-bicycle-shelf_296x296 diy-timber-bicycle-shelf_296x296

Step 3: Jigsaw

Next, jigsaw along your guide-lines to make the rack grooves. Before you cut, make sure the top line is level with the top and the lower line finishes just above the bottom of the circle. This way the rack will hold the bike frame more securely.

garage-bike-storage_296x296 garage-bike-storage_296x296

Step 4: Drill and Screw

Pre-drill holes into the top, back and bottom pieces of timber. Make a hole in the corner ends and two holes in between. Then just screw all your pieces together to make the box.

diy-bicycle-storage_296x296 diy-bicycle-storage_296x296

Step 5: Attach

Now you're ready to screw the bike rack to the garage wall and hang up your bike.

Handy Hint:
Make sure your screw the rack into a stud in your wall so it will take the bike weight.

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