Backyard makeover with Tim and Mat

Meet the chippies from Melbourne, Tim and Mat, as they take on the backyard for this week on Make It Yours. These guys love a challenge – and boy do they have their work cut out for them transforming this bland, neglected backyard!

First order of the day is to remove the tired old artificial turf and try to hide that ugly concrete. Once that’s done, the boys are planning to lay some pebble resurfacer, install a deck, lay some fresh turf and plant up a storm.

“There’s a golden opportunity here to make the space feel more intimate,” says Tim. “We want people to walk out here and for there to be a bit of ‘wow factor.’” And by the look of their plans – which also include painting the exterior of the house and updating fences and garden borders – they’re on the right track. “The backyard really needs a massive overhaul,” Mat adds. “We want to get in there and pull these big bushes out, and give the whole thing a do-over.”

Luckily, the boys will have some help from the team of Bunnings, who will be on hand to assist with and show viewers how easy it is to achieve the same looks at home. Together they’ll dress the space with outdoor furniture and create a beautiful atmosphere courtesy of some do-it-yourself vertical gardens and mood lighting. Trust us – it’s going to be one heck of a transformation!

Check out this week’s ep – and enjoy Tim and Mat’s amazing transformation!


before and after
vertical garden wall

Lucy's tip: garden style ideas

Research and think carefully about the style of garden you’d like to create. You can also take a look around your neighbourhood to see what types of plants thrive in your soil/climate. 

Here are some suggestions to create different garden looks.

Tropical - Use nice big leaf plants like ‘Bird of Paradise’ and big glossy dark green leaf plants, like ‘Clivia’. Add some ‘Bamboo’ in pots, for a true jungle look, on a dark Merbau deck.  This will create a really lush tropical feel in your garden.

Native - You can have a beautiful, low maintenance garden by using hardy Australian natives. Use a flowing plant like ‘Lomandra Crackerjack’ which has great texture and stays a bright green colour. Pair with a ‘Westringia’ for some graceful movement and then add a pop of yellow with ‘Banksia Birthday Candles’.

Classic Elegance - Use Salvias, a hardy flowering plant that thrives on neglect. Add some Lavender for a beautiful fragrance and to help our bee friends. Add depth and warmth with ‘Fountain Grass’ and for more a more structured shape you can use ‘English Box Hedge’. 
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