How to get the country life kitchen design look

This style is charming, inviting, influenced by idyllic rural images and French farmhouse imaginings, and has universal appeal.

Classic country kitchen style

Evocative of the smell of freshly baked bread, baskets of home-picked produce on the counter and perhaps a chook scratching at the door, the lifestyle this look conjures up is elusive for most of us, but by channelling the main style elements into our country kitchen design, we can capture that feeling of homeliness, warmth and welcome within our busy urban lives.

A country-style kitchen offers rural charm and heritage touches, but with all the contemporary trimmings, so you can have a look evocative of a slower way of life as well as all the conveniences we expect from a modern kitchen.

How to get the country life kitchen design look

Decide on a colour palette

A traditional country kitchen leans heavily on timber for colour and character, but there’s no need to go wall-to-wall wood. A base of timber flooring, as well as a timber benchtop, shelving and accessories, introduces warmth and a rustic yet modern feel, and can contrast beautifully with painted cabinetry.

White always works, and darker colours such as navy and charcoal are an elegant variation, but something bolder, like this stunning emerald kitchen, delivers a bold, modern twist that goes perfectly with the country kitchen theme as well as bringing the opportunity to have a little fun! The easiest way to make this look work is to stick with a simple palette elsewhere: white subway tiles and walls, as well as minimal overhead cabinetry to keep the look light. 

country life

Choose your materials

The key word here is ‘charm’ and it emanates from every material in a country kitchen. This is not a space for streamlined surfaces; instead think cabinet fronts with a detailed profile (Kaboodle ‘Heritage’ cabinet fronts are ideal), a traditional-style porcelain sink over standard stainless steel, and a freestanding stove.

Choose a good proportion of natural materials like honed stone or timber – try Kaboodle’s Victorian Ash benchtop for a pale look reminiscent of scrubbed pine. Rustic finishes work well with this style; these could be genuinely aged, like a vintage butcher’s block; fittings with an antique feel, such as the lighting and tapware; or new materials with plenty of character, like ‘feature grade’ timber floorboards that are full of beautiful knots. 

country kitchen

Select the finer details

One or more feature lights can really complete this look – an eye-catching industrial-style pendant is the perfect match. While an element like this might take centre stage, the little details are equally important in bring the classic country style to life: look for heritage-style knobs and cup pulls, and choose tapware with a traditional, ornate design.

Though brand new, these period-style shapes give the entire room an aged charm and the impression of decades of home-cooked meals, love and laughter. 

country kitchen

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How to get the country life kitchen design look

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