How to make a Father's Day pen pot

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How to make a Father's Day pen pot

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Project Overview

The kids can have fun making this colourful, hand-painted pen holder pot for Dad’s office or workbench. To make one, simply download and follow the instructions in this easy step-by-step guide:

Step by Step Instructions

1 Lay out newspaper
2 Apply masking tape
3 Paint pot rim
4 Paint bottom half
5 Add a message
  • Step 1. Lay out newspaper

    First, lay out some newspaper on your work surface so you don’t get paint everywhere.
  • Step 2. Apply masking tape

    Then stick your masking tape just below the pot rim. You can even make some stripe patterns around the base if you like
  • Step 3. Paint pot rim

    Now take your chalkboard paint and apply a couple of coats to the pot rim.
  • Step 4. Paint bottom half

    While you wait for the chalkboard paint to dry, you can start painting the bottom half with your bright colour.
  • Step 5. Add a message

    Once the paint is dry, you can write a little message to Dad in chalk. This will take pride of place on any Dad’s desk or workbench.

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