Father’s Day gifts sorted with Ryobi

For a sure-fire shortcut to favourite child status, give dad what he really wants for Father’s Day: RYOBI ONE+.

Bunnings magazine, August 2020

If there's one thing most dads have in common, it's their appreciation for a fine power tool, making it the go-to gift for Father's Day. With RYOBI ONE+, you can be confident you’re giving him a quality tool that will send him straight out to the shed to play with his new toy. Best of all, with more than 100 tools in the ONE+ range, your thoughtful gift will fit seamlessly into his existing collection – and take care of your Christmas and birthday shopping too! So now the only tricky bit is choosing which one suits him best.

The outdoor type

Before he heads out into the great outdoors again, make his next camping trip the best one yet with a tool from the ONE+ range. The outdoorsy dad loves to get out in nature, but he’s also a practical sort who likes to be prepared, which is where the ONE+ range of camping tools comes in. There’s everything he’ll need, from inflators to portable fans, or get him a ONE+ hybrid shoplight, which is great for illuminating the campsite, but equally invaluable at home.

The green(ish) thumb

Whether he’s gardening for the pure joy of it, or just tidying up the outdoor area before his mates come over, the gardener dad wants tools he can depend on to get the job done quickly and well. Gift him a ONE+ blower kit and he’ll have the backyard looking barbecue-ready in no time. And he’ll love that he can quickly slap the battery into his ONE+ line trimmer, edger or any other ONE+ garden tool, making it easy to do a more thorough tidy up in no time flat.

Rev head dad

We’re not saying this dad loves his car more than his kids, but get him a tool that speaks to his favourite hobby and it’ll definitely help you up the rankings! A ONE+ wet & dry vac will help him keep his precious car or boat in pristine condition – plus, he can also use it to keep the workshop tidy or take it inside to clean up reno mess, as it tackles even plaster dust without any fuss!

man using angle grinder

DIY dad

Happiest in the shed working on a new project, the DIY dad loves to get his hands dirty and his teeth into a reno or repair task. Give him a new tool to make those jobs easier and you’ll win a fan for life! Whatever his jam, there’s a tool to suit; if your dad is an old-school woodworking craftsman, a ONE+ sliding mitre saw will be right up his alley. Or if dad gets a buzz from metalworking, go for a powerful and versatile tool like the ONE+ brushless angle grinder.

Always in charge

Compatible with the entire RYOBI ONE+ tool range, the ONE+ battery powers every tool dad needs to get the job done. With a fast charger and great run times, dad will always be powered up and ready to go.

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