How to make Easter bunny ears

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How to make Easter bunny ears

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Project Overview

Turn your kids into cute little bunnies with these fun Bunny Ears. They’re easy for kids of all ages to make, and a great project to hop into over Easter. Before you start, download and print out your ears template below:

Easter Bunny Ears Instructions and Template Continue to Step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Make the headband
2 Measure your head
3 Make outside ears
4 Make inside ears
5 Complete ears
6 Decorate ears
7 Glue ears to headband
8 Attach rubber band
9 Put them on
  • Step 1. Make the headband

    Measure and mark your white card 5cm high and cut out a long strip. 

  • Step 2. Measure your head

    Wrap a piece of string around your head. Then measure it out on your strip of card and cut to size. If you need to, get an adult to help.

  • Step 3. Make outside ears

    Cut the bunny ears out of the template and draw around them on the leftover card. Then cut these out. 

  • Step 4. Make inside ears

    Next, cut out the inside ears from the templates. Draw around these over the pink foam card, and cut them out.

  • Step 5. Complete ears

    Glue the pink foam part of the ears onto the white card ears. Leave a bit of space at the bottom and let them dry.

  • Step 6. Decorate ears

    Glue some pipe cleaners around the pink foam part of the ears. You can also stick on some sequins. 

  • Step 7. Glue ears to headband

    Fold each end of the headband over about 3cm. Then glue the ears onto the headband next to each fold and leave to dry. 

  • Step 8. Attach rubber band

    Staple half of a rubber band under one of the headband’s folds. Loop the other end of the headband around and staple that fold over the rubber band. Cover the staples with some tape for safety. 

  • Step 9. Put them on

    Slip the headband over your head, and have a Hoppy Easter.

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