How to make shoe accessories

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How to make shoe accessories

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Project Overview

In this video, Declan will show you how to make some awesome accessories for your shoes. These are a fun and easy project to make at home and will make you shoes look wicked.

Flame template Continue to Step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Making the flame shapes
2 Sticking the flames together
3 Adding some decorations
4 Marking the holes
5 Threading your laces
6 Finished Product
  • Step 1. Making the flame shapes

    For the first step we’re going to get two bright coloured sheets of foam. We’ve used red and yellow to match the flames but you can use any colour you like. Using the flame stencils, trace the two shapes onto the different coloured felt sheets. Once you have traced both you can cut them out. Remember to make two of each so you can decorate both shoes.

  • Step 2. Sticking the flames together

    Once you’ve cut out your flames shapes, place the smaller pieces on top of the larger pieces and then flip them over. This will make them look even on both shoes. When you have them laid out, you can use some craft glue to stick them together.

  • Step 3. Adding some decorations

    Now it’s time to decorate your flames. Grab any decorations you like and stick them on your flames using craft glue. We’ve used rhinestones to make them extra shiny.

  • Step 4. Marking the holes

    In this step we need to make the holes to thread our laces through. Grab one of your flames and hold it against your shoe laces. Using a pencil, mark where the holes should be, then make three holes with a hole punch.

  • Step 5. Threading your laces

    The last step is to thread your laces through the holes. Undo your laces all the way to the last hole then place your flames over the over the shoe lace holes and start threading your laces through until you get to the top.

  • Step 6. Finished Product

    And there we go! Your shoes are going to look amazing with these awesome flames on them. You’ll be the envy of the playground.

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