How to make monster claws

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How to make monster claws

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Project Overview

These monster claws are a great addition to any dress-up collection. They’re easy to make and the kids will love playing with them. 

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Cut out claws
2 Cut out scales
3 Cut glove ends off
4 Glue claws and scales
5 Paint the gloves
  • Step 1. Cut out claws

    Cut 10 claws out of the coloured foam. Make them about 7cm long, 2cm wide and curved from the top.

  • Step 2. Cut out scales

    Cut out six small triangles from two different pieces of coloured foam. You can make them about 2cm wide.

  • Step 3. Cut glove ends off

    Use your scissors to cut 2cm off the ends of the fingers of your gloves. 

  • Step 4. Glue claws and scales

    Use craft glue to stick the claws on the inside of each glove finger. Then stick three scales on the outside of each glove and let them dry.

  • Step 5. Paint the gloves

    Use the end of a brush to paint dots all over your gloves. Green paint makes great monster skin.

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