Project Overview

In this video, Brodie will show you how to make a toy guitar. It's a great way to bring some music into the home! Continue to Step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Creating the Guitar Neck
2 Decorating the Tuners and Sound Hole
3 Assembling the Guitar Body
4 Attaching the Tuners
5 Adding the Strings
  • Step 1. Creating the Guitar Neck

    The first step is to make the neck for your guitar. Cut the piece of balsawood to the length you would like. We’ve cut ours to about 50cm. Now, paint the neck any colour you like. A nice bright colour will look great when you’re on stage!

  • Step 2. Decorating the Tuners and Sound Hole

    Now it’s time to decorate! Grab your three pop sticks and round coaster and paint them all different colours. When the paint is dry, you can add some colourful and shiny rhinestones to the sound hole to give it a sparkle.

  • Step 3. Assembling the Guitar Body

    Time to put your guitar body together. Grab your colourful sound hole and stick this in the middle of your plant saucer. This will form the body of the guitar. When the glue is dry, stick the body on one end of the neck. Be sure to leave some space at the end for the strings. Three fingers width works well.

  • Step 4. Attaching the Tuners

    To sound like you favourite rock star you’re going to need to add some tuners. Grab the pop sticks you painted earlier and stick them on the other end of your guitar. Leave a little space between each one for maximum sound!

  • Step 5. Adding the Strings

    The final touch is to add some strings. We’ve used large rubber bands for ours. To attach them, stretch the rubber bands over one end and, using one finger, hold it down and stretch it over the other end of the neck. Add as many strings as you like

    Now you’re a real rock star! Time to practice your favourite songs and prepare for your world tour. Rock on!

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