How to make a pet rock

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How to make a pet rock

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Project Overview

In this video, Meagan will show you how to make a friendly pet rock. It’s a fun and easy project to make at home and great to do with friends.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Giving your rock a face
2 Making the wings
3 Sticking your wings on
4 Finished Product
  • Step 1. Giving your rock a face

    For the first step we’re going to give our rock a face. Choose a nice looking rock with a smooth side so you can stick things on. Next, grab some googly eyes and stick these on with some craft glue, then make your pet rock a mouth by sticking some rocks on. Lastly, give it some hair by sticking a pom pom on the top.

  • Step 2. Making the wings

    Place your pet rock in the middle of the foam sheet. Using a pencil. Draw some wings on either side of your rock. Take your rock off the foam and cut out the wings you’ve drawn.

  • Step 3. Sticking your wings on

    Now that we’ve cut our wings out it’s time to stick them on. Using some craft glue, stick some glue on the wings and press your pet rock down. 

  • Step 4. Finished Product

    Once the glue is dry, your pet rock is finished! What an easy project to make and one that’s sure to rock your world.

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