How to make a musical shaker

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How to make a musical shaker

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Project Overview

In this video, Brodie shows you how to create an awesome musical shaker!

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Preparing Your Shaker
2 Adding the Shakers
3 Decorating Your Shaker
  • Step 1. Preparing Your Shaker

    The first step is to make the tube for your shaker. Get a grown up to help you cut the length you tube you would like. We’ve made ours about 20cm but they can be any size you want. Once you have the right length, push on of the plugs into one end of the tube, use your muscles!

  • Step 2. Adding the Shakers

    Now it’s time to add the rocks in. Make sure your plug is in tight and stick the funnel in the top of the tube. Pour in the different coloured rocks and fill your tube about halfway. If you don’t have rocks, you can simply use something else that makes a good rattle. Then, push the second plug in the top.

  • Step 3. Decorating Your Shaker

    Time to add the decorations! Grab some bright and colourful sequins or rhinestones and stick them to the top and bottom of the shaker. Be sure to leave room for holding the shaker.

    Now you have an awesome musical shaker! It’s time to get your friends together and perform a show for friends and family!

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