How to make a model flower

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How to make a model flower

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Project Overview

In this video, Meagan will show you how to make a beautiful model flower. It’s nice and easy to make at home and will look great in your room.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Making the flower stem
2 Creating the flower
3 Making the leaves
4 Assembling your flower
5 Adding some leaves
6 The final touch
  • Step 1. Making the flower stem

    The first step is to make the stem for your flower. Using the soft tie, cut about 70cm off this and fold it in half. While holding the folded end with one hand, use your other hand to twist the other end together. When you have about 7-8cm from the other end, twist the excess sift tie around the end to make a ball shape.

  • Step 2. Creating the flower

    For this step we’ll need a sheet of felt and a sheet of foam. Choose nice bright colours that complement each other.  On the felt sheet, draw a large flower shape, and on the foam sheet draw a smaller flower shape. Cut both of these shapes out.

  • Step 3. Making the leaves

    Similar to the last step, we’ll need another piece of felt. We’ve chosen green for ours because it’s going to be for the leaves. Draw you leaf shapes onto the felt and cut it out. We’ll use these later so put them to the side.

  • Step 4. Assembling your flower

    Now that you’ve cut out both flower shapes, we’re going to stick them to our stem. Using some craft glue, stick the big flower down to the folded end of the stem followed by the smaller flower on top. Lastly, stick a colourful pom pom in the middle of your flower.

  • Step 5. Adding some leaves

    About halfway down the stem of your flower, open up the twists a little bit and poke your leaves through the hole. When you have them centred, twist the stem again so it’s nice and tight to hold the leaves in place.

  • Step 6. The final touch

    Last but not least we have to pot the flower. Grab a small pot and stick your flower in the middle. Using some pebbles, pour them into the bottom of the pot and fill it to about three quarters of the way up. Push them down so they hold you flower in place.

    And now you’re finished! What a beautiful flower. It’s a fun way to brighten up your room and easy to make at home.

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