Project Overview

You’ll have heaps of fun making a cute herb pet. It’s a really fun project to do and is easier than you think to make. The best thing of all is that you can even eat their hair.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Make a hole in the bottle
2 Cut the bottle
3 Paint the bottle
4 Make the eyes and ears
5 Paint the bottle cap for the nose
6 Make whiskers
7 Pour potting mix into bottle
8 Remove your herb from pot
9 Plant the herb
10 Water the herb
  • Step 1. Make a hole in the bottle

    The first thing to do is make a small hole in your soft drink bottle with the craft knife. Do this about half way up the bottle.

  • Step 2. Cut the bottle

    Use your scissors to cut the bottle neck off where you made the hole.

  • Step 3. Paint the bottle

    Now it’s time to paint the bottle for your herb pet. Paint it pink for a pig, white for a cat or get creative and choose whatever you like. 

  • Step 4. Make the eyes and ears

    After the paint has dried, it’s time to create your pet’s face. Draw eyes and ears on foam squares and use scissors to cut them out. Then use craft glue to stick them on your bottle.

  • Step 5. Paint the bottle cap for the nose

    You can paint the bottle cap for the nose and then glue it to the bottle.

  • Step 6. Make whiskers

    Cut some pipecleaners to size with scissors, and then stick them to the nose with craft glue.

  • Step 7. Pour potting mix into bottle

    With your gloves on, carefully pour some potting mix into your bottle about half way up. 

  • Step 8. Remove your herb from pot

    To remove the herb from its pot, give the bottom of the pot a squeeze and a little tap, then with your fingers around the stems, quickly flip it upside down. 

  • Step 9. Plant the herb

    Plant the herb in your bottle carefully and spread a little more soil around the plant.

  • Step 10. Water the herb

    Give the herb a little water and your herb pet is ready.

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