How to make a flower pot lighthouse

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How to make a flower pot lighthouse

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Project Overview

Brighten up your garden with this lighthouse made of terracotta pots. It’ll make a great decoration during the day and light the way at night.

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clean paint brush
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How to clean a paint brush

Here’s a great tip to save you time and mess while cleaning paint brushes. Use tin snips to cut a wire mesh panel into a rectangle. Bend the mesh into an arc shape and place it in the bucket, so that it’s wedged inside. Fill the bucket with water to cover the mesh. Now run your paintbrush back and forth over the mesh and the paint will come out quicker and easier.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Choose your pots
2 Paint the pots
3 Paint the dish
4 Paint on the windows
5 Stack the pots
6 Glue the dish on top
7 Light it up
  • Step 1. Choose your pots

    When choosing your pots, make sure you get three different sizes in order of small, medium and large.

  • Step 2. Paint the pots

    Paint each pot one colour and then, once they’ve dried, paint the rims a different colour. 

  • Step 3. Paint the dish

    Next, paint the base and leave it to dry.

  • Step 4. Paint on the windows

    Once the pots are completely dry, paint on some windows. You can use a stencil or just wing it, like we did.

  • Step 5. Stack the pots

    Now, stack the pots to make the lighthouse structure. Use the largest pot for the base, the medium pot for the middle and the smallest pot on top.

  • Step 6. Glue the dish on top

    Then, put some glue on the top and glue down the dish. 

  • Step 7. Light it up

    Finally, place a lantern on top of the dish. Then, put a candle inside the lantern and light it up. What a bright idea.

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