How to make a dream catcher

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How to make a dream catcher

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Project Overview

Dream catchers can brighten up any bedroom. They’re easy to make and kids will love hanging them on their bedroom windows.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Wrap tape around the hoop
2 Criss-cross your string
3 Add another string colour
4 Cut the tail length
5 Decorate the tail with beads
6 Add a foam shape to the tail
7 Stick the tail to the hoop
8 Stick the tail to the hoop
  • Step 1. Wrap tape around the hoop

    Start by wrapping coloured tape around the hoop.

  • Step 2. Criss-cross your string

    Tape down the end of your string on the hoop. Then wrap the string around the hoop. Criss-cross the string as often as you like. Tape the string end down when you’re finished and it should look like a spider web.

  • Step 3. Add another string colour

    Your dream catcher will look great if you add another colour string. Tape down the end and continue in a criss-cross pattern. Then tape the end to the hoop when you’re finished.

  • Step 4. Cut the tail length

    With scissors, cut a piece of coloured string about 30cm long to make your tail.

  • Step 5. Decorate the tail with beads

    You can decorate your dream catcher’s tail anyway you like. We thread some coloured beads on ours.

  • Step 6. Add a foam shape to the tail

    We also cut out a heart shape from foam card to put on the end of our dream catcher tail.

  • Step 7. Stick the tail to the hoop

    When you’re finished decorating your dream catcher’s tail, stick it to the hoop with the same coloured tape that you wrapped the hoop in. You may want to make more than one tail to hang on your hoop.

  • Step 8. Stick the tail to the hoop

    Find a nice spot in your bedroom, next to a window if possible, and hang your beautiful dream catcher up from a plastic hook.

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