How to make a door hanger

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How to make a door hanger

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Project Overview

In this video, Bronte shows you how to make an awesome door hanger. It’s a fun and easy project you can make at home and it looks great hanging on your door!

Owl template Continue to Step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Painting the hanger
2 Cutting out the stencils
3 Decorating the hanger
4 Finished Product
  • Step 1. Painting the hanger

    The first step is to paint the hanger. Choose your favourite colour and start painting your hanger. Use nice long strokes to give it an even finish. If you want to paint a second coat, wait for the first to dry before doing so.

  • Step 2. Cutting out the stencils

    Now we’re going to decorate our hanger. Today we are going to make an owl, but you can make any animal or shape you like. Using the stencil provided, cut out the shapes for the owl and trace them onto the coloured foam. Once you’ve traced them all, cut them out with some scissors.

  • Step 3. Decorating the hanger

    The last step is to put your decorations on the hanger. Using the foam pieces you cut out, stick them down to the middle of your hanger using some craft glue. If you’re making the owl be sure to stick the body down first. Once all the stencil pieces are glued all we need to do now is tick some eyes on our owl.

  • Step 4. Finished Product

    Wow, how cool does that look! Time to hang it on your door. You can even put your name on it as an extra step if you like.

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