Decorate a spooky Halloween pumpkin

Halloween doesn’t have to be all ghosts and ghouls. Turn fright night into a kid-friendly celebration with these cute and colourful pumpkins. We found a variety in different shapes and sizes at a local greengrocer for a fun mix.

Bunnings magazine, October 2019

Create it at home

What you need

  • Drop sheet
  • Pumpkins in different sizes
  • Interior wall paints in white and various colours of your choice (see below for our picks)
  • Paintbrushes (we used two sizes, larger for the pumpkins and finer for the letters)
  • Wooden craft letters
  • All-purpose glue


1. Prep your space
Lay out a drop sheet or newspapers, as the pumpkins can roll and make a mess!

2. Base coat
Paint pumpkins with a base coat of white. Note: we left some unpainted for a natural look.

3. Decorate
 Play around with different combinations of colour, painting part or all of each pumpkin over the white base.

4. Paint the letters
Paint the letters in your chosen colours, giving them two coats for the best finish.

5. Apply the letters
Once the paint has dried, apply lettering using all-purpose glue.

Our pumpkin paint picks

  • Dulux Natural White base coat,
  • Taubmans Silky Blue
  • Taubmans Orange Glow
  • Dulux Golden Marguerite
  • Taubmans Jaguar Rose top coat
  • Taubmans Strawberry Splash top coat

Time to trick or treat

There you have it, now all you need to do is pop into your local Bunnings to pick up your paint supplies for these spooky pumpkins.

Photo credit: James Moffatt

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