How to make a Christmas tree decoration

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How to make a Christmas tree decoration

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Project Overview

In this video, Kirrilly shows you how to make a Christmas tree decoration. This is a great project to make at home and will look great hanging on your tree at Christmas!

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Painting your pop sticks
2 Assembling your decoration
3 Adding some sparkle
4 Adding some string
5 Finished Product
  • Step 1. Painting your pop sticks

    The first step is to paint your pop sticks. Get four pop sticks and paint them any colour you like. Use nice bright colours to make them stand out.

  • Step 2. Assembling your decoration

    When the paint is dry, put some glue in the middle of one of the pop sticks and stick another one on top of it. Repeat this process with the other two pop sticks to make a star.

  • Step 3. Adding some sparkle

    Now, put some glue along each of the pop sticks and sprinkle some glitter on the glue. You can also glue a shiny rhinestone to the middle to make your decoration shine!

  • Step 4. Adding some string

    Once all your glue is dry, cut a piece of string about 20cm long and fold it in half then stick the two ends to the end of one of the pop sticks.

  • Step 5. Finished Product

    And there you go, a bright and beautiful decoration to hang on your tree at Christmas!

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