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Making room for a laundry, that modest champion of the organised home, is easier with Clark’s space-saving products. The laundry is the unsung hero of the home, used for everything from soaking stained clothes to dumping mud-caked soccer boots, but if you don’t think you’ve got room for a laundry tub – or room for a laundry at all! – Clark has the solution.

Bunnings magazine, May 2020

Small laundry planning tips

There are plenty of tricks to make the most of every inch of a small space. Stack a dryer over the washing machine, or even opt for a combined washer/dryer, if extra bench space is what matters most. Use wall space for hooks, drying rails, shelves or extras like ironing cabinets.

A laundry tub, of course, is an essential feature (just try living without one!), and Clark’s new range of petite sinks and cabinets will help you fit one in, even in a compact home.

Tubs for tiny laundries

Set on solving the laundry conundrum for space-challenged households, Clark has created two new products, small laundry tubs, specifically designed for more bijou homes and apartments.

The ‘Utility’ mini laundry tub with cabinet is designed to squeeze into the narrowest of spaces, with a 16-litre sink capacity that’s just large enough to cater for singles or small families. The new 25-litre square sink is not only fab for a space-saving laundry, but is also well suited to butler’s pantries.

Top troughs for larger laundries

For those with more room to spare, the Clark range offers plenty of practical and stylish options. The ‘Stylus’ compact trough and cabinet has a space-saving narrow design, but a greater tub capacity of 35 litres, which is more than adequate to meet the soaking and scrubbing needs of most families.

And, of course, if you’re blessed with the luxury of a large laundry, Clark has you covered with wider models like the ‘Eureka’ cabinet with 45-litre tub, or the ‘Utility’ cabinet with 42-litre tub, both of which have room for soaking sheets, without taking up more than their fair share of valuable floor space.

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