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How to make chalkboard drawer labels

Chalkboard labels are a fun way to decorate the kid's cupboards or drawers. They might even encourage them to keep all their clothes in the right place!

What You'll Need:

diy-chalkboard-labels_296x296 diy-chalkboard-labels_296x296

Step 1: Tape

Use your masking tape to mark out rectangle label shapes on each of your drawers. You can either create random shapes or measure them for a uniform look.

diy-organisation-labels_296x296 diy-organisation-labels_296x296

Step 2: Undercoat

If you are painting labels onto a timber chest of drawers, make sure you paint an undercoat onto each drawer first. We've used white acrylic undercoat.

chalkboard-paint-labels_296x296 chalkboard-paint-labels_296x296

Step 3: Chalkboard Paint

Once the undercoat is dry, you're ready to paint on the chalkboard labels. Paint the first coat on each label, then wait a few hours until the paint is touch dry and apply a second coat.

chalkboard-organisation-labels_296x296 chalkboard-organisation-labels_296x296

Step 4: Get Creative

When your chalkboard paint is dry you can get creative and draw your labels in different colour chalk.

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