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How to make a kids' clothes hamper

A fun and practical idea for your kid’s bedroom, this D.I.Y. clothes hamper makes a game of putting away dirty clothes.

What You'll Need:


Safety gear:


how-to-build-kids-clothes-hamper_296x296 how-to-build-kids-clothes-hamper_296x296

Step 1: Box Frame

To build your box frame, line up the back piece with your base and screw them together. Then screw in each of the sides to the back and base. When joining each of the pieces together, make sure you position the screws in the corners and the centre of each piece.

how-to-make-kids-laundry-hamper_296x296 how-to-make-kids-laundry-hamper_296x296

Step 2: Attach Lid Hinges

Next screw in the two hinges to your top piece at either end. Then screw the hinge into the top of your back piece to make your lid.

kids-target-laundry-hamper_296x296 kids-target-laundry-hamper_296x296

Step 3: Cut Out Target

Now take your piece of MDF and trace the outline of a dinner plate onto it. Make sure you position it to make a circle close to the top end of the board. Then draw a second wider circle around the inner circle for your target design. Then cut out the inner circle using a jigsaw.

diy-kids-clothes-hamper_296x296 diy-kids-clothes-hamper_296x296

Step 4: Nail Front Piece

Once your front piece is finished, you are ready to nail it to the front of your box frame.

diy-kids-laundry-basket_296x296 diy-kids-laundry-basket_296x296

Step 5: Paint & Decorate

Once the hamper is complete, you can paint it. White is a great base colour for the whole box. Then use your colour sample pots to paint your target design around the hole.

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