How to use a Google Home?

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How to use a Google Home?

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Whether you like streaming music or need a little help organising your to-do list, Google Home is a smart, easy to set up, affordable device your family will love.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a smart speaker that works with simple voice-commands that allow you to ask Google questions or control some smart home devices.

It has been designed to make everyday tasks effortless, like getting the weather report before you leave the house, calling an uber hands-free or adding pantry items to your shopping list.

Google home

Create a Smart Home

Google Home also connects to compatible smart devices around the home to automate actions like turning the lights off before bed and streaming music or movies.

Google Home is great for independent living , too. Being able to control appliances around the home and call friends and family hands-free is another reason people love this clever device.

How to control smart home devices using Google Home

1. Download & Open the Google Home app

Start by downloading and opening the Google Home app on your smart phone.

2. Select your device

On the home tab, tap ‘add’, then select a device from the list.

3. Complete set-up

Then follow the prompts to complete set-up.

4. Test it’s working

Now that you’re all set-up, let’s give it a test!

Google home

Get connected with Google Home

Check out our range of Google products online or at your local store.

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Health & Safety

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