What’s new: Sengled E27 Home Automation LED Snap Cam

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Whats new Sengled E27 Home Automation LED Snap Cam

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You’re at work but there’s a delivery for you at home, it’s a pity you can’t see or speak to the delivery person. But with the Sengled Snap, a full service security monitor packed into a floodlight, you can do this and much more.

What is the Sengled Snap?

The Sengled Snap is a dimmable floodlight that does a whole lot more than just throw light. It’s an award-winning security system that can be installed by anyone – no wires, no electrician costs, it just screws into your existing light fitting.

How does the Sengled Snap work?

Featuring an HD camera (1080p), two-way voice communication, customised detection zones and cloud storage, this isn’t any ordinary light.

The HD camera live streams vision from your home straight to your smartphone or tablet via an app that can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. So even if you’re on the other side of the world or just your kitchen, you can check out what’s happening at your front entrance or in your backyard, or wherever you have a Sengled Snap installed.

Not only can you see what’s happening, you can also speak to anyone within range of the Snap’s detection zone via the two-way communication system.

Who is Sengled?

Sengled is a market leader in the production of intelligent illumination. The company has won multiple CES innovation awards and in 2015 won gold at the Melbourne Design Awards.

Where can I use the Sengled Snap?

Outdoors or indoors, the Sengled Snap is capable of handling almost any weather condition thrown at it.

Why the Sengled Snap?

Whether you want to keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing outside, see who’s at the front door or monitor your home while on holiday, this system can do it all.

Check out the range

As well as the Sengled Snap, Sengled also produces a range of other handy devices built in to light globes.

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